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Every band I might throw a bra at is touring this year, and mostly in October when I can’t really ask for any time off. My heart is hurtin’.

I thought I stopped doing art. I didn’t realize that I only shifted the medium. The paintings and drawings have only turned into beautiful photographs.

This one was a bit more difficult than my usual “selfies.” I applied a lot of gold lotion to my face, neck, ears, and hand (and turned up the contrast to avoid looking too…kawaii or blackface :/ ). Also, the contacts were terribly uncomfortable, my ponytail clip slipping and the henna tattoo was applied in Photoshop to cover some streakage. A few smoothings here and there, voila, some art that only took 5 minutes to make, if you don’t count the makeup.

Housekeeping day.

Kaleidoscope doggie.

You can’t always tell someone has listened to Tame Impala but you can always tell the ones that haven’t.

Thank you, Tumblr friends, for continuing to follow me despite my many outbursts of my celeb-crushing of Nick Allbrook, Tom Warmsley, and other hotties. Facebook could care less, even when I make more substantial posts, so you deserve more! 

The other day I imagined Nick Allbrook was like Tank Girl. He’s so cool he can do whatever he wants and I bet he’s so crafty and maybe a little nihilistic. And since he’s in Australia he would naturally have wallaby friends too.

Trying hard to contain myself from the news yesterday that Pond is touring the US and literally 2 days after my brain said, “Nick should just do something Nick” we get a free download song from his solo album. The toughest part is picking one city to go to because none of them are less than 10 hours away from me (why do they always skip the South!) and I already have tickets to 2 Temples shows that month/week they orbit to me closest…and October is THE busiest time where I live…grrrr…

Facebook is a desert.

whatever happened to body glitter? what ever happened to body glitter? why are we so afraid to shine

So true…I used to cover my arms and legs in that awesome Bath and Body Works fruity scented roll on glitter. Blueberry <3

cooldadnumber2 said:
you know what we REALLY need? nick allbrook baby photos


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