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Took this photo late last night after barhopping, having found this treasure glowing in a dark area of a crowded bar. IN TWO WEEKS, THESE BABIES.

Wendy O. Williams

→ Old Man Dancing - Lost and Found Video... - Natasha Biffbangpow Latalladi | Facebook

One of my favorite videos I ever posted (on Facebook), pulled from underground dvd collection Lost and Found Video Night.


hhhhhhhhhh 9 days 30 minutes until i see pond

Ah I am so jealous! If I didn’t already make plans to see Temples two nights in a row….asking off days in October where I live is like planning what day you might get fired haha…why couldn’t Pond be near me in November! SHARE PICS THO.

Revealing my official Halloween costume of 2014…and I am making my own headdress again!  It will be a Valkyrie/rose chain sort of thing, and if it comes out well I will sell it on Etsy! (First 2 pics are of Mata Hari, 3rd photo is the actual outfit I bought to wear.) 

Trying not to feel bad that I chose to get my Halloween costume instead of Nick Allbrook’s new vinyl. My logic is that I am 30 and my aging body won’t look great in a belly dancing outfit forever, but music will always be here once it’s made. 

Elloell at my mom getting on the guest list for Temples and she doesn’t even know who they are.

New hair color, btw.

So last night, I dreamt I was watching a commercial with a cartoon hippo happily rocking back and forth to some music that sounded an awful lot like the opening to “Psychedelic Mango Vision.” So I started to sing it, and then when I heard the actual song followed by concert footage of Pond (and they were having so much fun!) I freaked out with joy. Apparently, it was supposed to be like an animal cracker commercial. Wouldn’t that be so cute?!

Guess who?

Sorry for my lack of posting lately. My lease ends this month and I am facing the idea of living in a car/on the road with a bf and dog, so I have had to sadly rummage through and donate things I adored for many years, so many cute retro stuff and clothes I tried to deny being too big for (diet, yeah right, that worked out!) Anyway, soon I promise to be posting pics of cute singer boys and art again! :)

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