Life On Other Planets

Heaven is in your mind...
A collection of video and images of icons, pop culture, fashion, and art that has shaped the person I am today.

Updated at least once a day.

I have some of these…it’s Kleancolor brand I believe…really good pigments.

Life On Other Planets turned 3 today!

Thanks for all the love, Tumblr. You’re the secret crush I have while dating Facebook because my family likes it better.

Tumblr, I swear to God…

Craigslist should be called Peopledon’

I swear to god the other day I rang up this lady that looked exactly NOT EVEN KIDDING like Nick Allbrook (like when he had the weird hair) and she was probably the same height. I got all sweaty ringing her up like omg if she had any kind of accent I’d think they were related.

(While listening to Ipod) My boyfriend: “Is that Pink* or Mink? Oh wait, I hear that Allbrook.”

*Pink Floyd, of course

My outfit yesterday. I had to pose stupidly to get everything in. But my nails are my favorite. It was a spur of the moment thing that just really worked out. The photo does it no justice!

I wanna lose weight on the all-music diet.

I wanna be all your friends.

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