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Facebook is a desert.

whatever happened to body glitter? what ever happened to body glitter? why are we so afraid to shine

So true…I used to cover my arms and legs in that awesome Bath and Body Works fruity scented roll on glitter. Blueberry <3

cooldadnumber2 said:
you know what we REALLY need? nick allbrook baby photos



Pond Talk New Album, The Art of Messing Up Onstage in New Episode of’s “Entrevista”

So I think I need more Nick Allbrook and Tom Warmsley pics, thanx.

My first thought: Oh, this is SO trying to be Tame Impala’s Apocalypse Dreams. My second thought: I think I have a new band I like. 

I have some of these…it’s Kleancolor brand I believe…really good pigments.

Life On Other Planets turned 3 today!

Thanks for all the love, Tumblr. You’re the secret crush I have while dating Facebook because my family likes it better.

Tumblr, I swear to God…

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